By Rudy Chalco


These days Cuzco has a lot of movement due to the celebrations of the “Santurantikuy” market, Now you will wonder, what is that? The name comes from two Quechua words: “Santu” meaning Saint and “Rantiy” meaning to buy, therefore is the time for purchasing saints and crafts speciallly created by the Cuzco craftmen for this time of the year. It is known that the tradition began back on the XVI century when some of the most important families from the city used to buy some of the Arches used to hold Saints into them. This celebration it is been growing and evolving throughtout the years. On this particular Christmas market we can find different sections such as miniatures, paintings, diaremas, weavings, silverwork and the herbal section where people from Cuzco goes to adquire different sort of plants which they could use later on as remedies against certain affections they may suffer.

Most of people from Cuzco awaits with so much expectation this market because it is the time when we get some new ornaments for our Nativity scenes which grows every year with maybe a new miniature model representing one of the houses found at any Street in Cuzco or perhaps some animals representing part of the varied fauna from the Andes, some other kind of bizarre ornamentations when sometimes find there like a alien trying to sneak into your house on Christmas day or maybr just replace one of the figures part of the Nativity scene such as Joseph; Mary or the same Baby Jesus, although, here in Cuzco at least, you are not suppose to buy your baby Jesus, it should come as a present from a relavite or friend close to the family.