By Flor Sucasaca


Perhaps one of the most colorful and joyful events in Cuzco is this one, which starts two Thursdays before the main celebration day, This Festivity starts celebrating to all the “Comadres” who are some sort of symbolic relatives which become part of the family when they were named as Godmothers or Godfathers of our children on their baptism, First communion, Confirmation or during a wedding. So this day in Cuzco we start visiting them and bringing them presents like food and drinks, the moment it is also appropriate to play among all the relatives with water, foam, color powder and others.

Next Thursday in Cuzco, now the Comadres will pay back the visit to the Compadres with the same amount of food, drinks that they were honored the last week. This celebration does not end there, because, the coming Sunday everybody is invited to the main square in Cuzco to play with everybody else, but the best part is this time not just locals are invited to this huge celebration, tourist which are around or intentionally came to Cusco to be part of this events will join the games which usually start at around 10:00 a.m. and end up by 03:00 p.m. so it is common to see water balloons crossing the air and landing on unprevented spectators.

Cuzco is a very festive place, if you thought that the water and foam battel was the end, you are wrong, next Sunday we will have the official end of the Carnivals announced some days before with the Wednesday of Ashes which also announces the beginning of the Cuaresma time. Now people will not fight with water but dance by some of the most important streets in Cuzco on a Carnival parade called “Pasacalle” which ends at the main square and finally to close the celebration all cusqueños will go the Plateros street to eat a very traditional dish called Puchero: a type of stew probably from Andalucian origin comes with garbanzo, peas, cassava, sweet potatoes, lamb, charki(lamb jerky), lamb legs and apricots.